Magical Monday #14

Hello everyone! I’m back with another Magical Monday!

(This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are mine)

This is the book for today…

Hook’s Revenge!

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking: Isn’t Captain Hook dead? Well, he is, but that doesn’t mean his daughter isn’t.

Jocelyn Hook lives with her grandfather in his mansion, and wants to be a pirate. She dreams of the day when her father whisks her off on his ship, sailing on the Seven seas.

So when her grandfather has had enough of her, he sends her off to finishing school. There, she meets the normal students at finishing school. Girls who love pink, snarky and the occasional mean girl. Unlucky Jocelyn happened to be paired with the meanest one of them all, Priscilla and Nanette.

Jocelyn meets the errand boy, Roger and they get on pretty quickly. When someone sees them together, they tell on them and Roger is dismissed. One day, Jocelyn gets a letter from her late father, and as her inheritance, she is tasked with killing the Neverland’s Beast.

Do you think Jocelyn will kill the crocodile? Or will she fail and let everyone of her pirate crew be shamed? Comment your thoughts below!

P.S You’ll find the Narrator interesting

Thanks for reading,


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