Magical Monday #13

Hello everyone! As promised, this is the newest (late) post of Magical Monday!

(This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are mine)

Today’s book will be…

Lunar chronicles!

This book is like the futuristic version of fairytales, where cyborgs and robots who talk exist. Cinder is a teenage cyborg engineer and has an evil stepmother, one good sister, and the other is also evil.

When she meets the handsome Prince of New Beijing, she thinks that her life would change( I think).

When her good sister die, of course her Stepmother blames Cinder.

And when the prince’s father dies, he becomes king and he invites the evil queen of Lunar to visit New Beijing.

Will the Evil queen get her ways? Or will Cinder manage to convince the prince to not do it?

I know that this is a bit fuzzy, but it’s been a Long time since I read this so forgive me for that.

Thanks for reading,


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