Magical Monday #10!

Hey everyone! This is the tenth Magical Monday so that means it’s been ten weeks since I have started this. Yay!

Today’s book is…

Appleby Farm!

This book is in the point of view of Freya Moorcroft, and when she gets a call from her Auntie Sue, saying that Freya’s Uncle Arthur had been injured while he was driving a tractor, and asks Freya if she can go to Appleby Farm to help out. There, she meets another friend, Lizzie Moon.

After five days, she returns to Kingsfield so she can go out for a day with her boyfriend ( Charlie), and his son Ollie.

But when she goes another call from Appleby Farm, saying that Uncle Arthur has had a heart attack (I think she gets the news in a call…), she goes back again, much to the disapproval of Charlie.

Will their relationship fail? Or will Freya fall for another guy?

Thanks for reading,


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