June Accomplishments + July Goals

How could it be that a month ago, I was just posting my June To-Do list? It must be the holidays, I think everything goes faster when you are on holiday.

If you want to check out my June To-Do List, click here.

Anyways, on to the list!

May Accomplishments:


✖️I have decided not to perform in my school talent show. I’ve let my stage fright get the best of me, also, the deadline was during the last week of school in May.

✖️I have not posted any recipes. Yeah, very sorry about that, but, I will try to do it this month( if I can)!

✔️Yup, I have cleared my desk. I even tried experimenting and arranged my books in a way such that it now looks like a book building!

✔️I have successfully binge watched every single every Harry Potter movie!

So, the number of goals I have accomplished is…

2/4. Wow, so bad. Note to self: Add accomplish more goals to list of goals. 😜


✔️I have reached 30 followers! As said in my previous post, and again, sorry for screaming at you with caps.


Yup, I have reached 200 likes. Thanks for liking everybody!

✖️I have not posted everyday, since I have missed a few daily quotes when I was on holiday.

Soooo, 2/3. Good enough for me!

My July To-Do List:


• Read at least 20 books. *cough cough* I may or may not have read 30 books in one month before…

• Bake. I will do it this month, maybe try out a few recipes.

• Re-read all the Harry Potter books, last month it was movies, now, its books. And have I said that 26th June was the anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone?


•Reach 40 followers. Or maybe 50.

• Publish that post for that 30 followers Q and A. Sorry @PenelopeCrumb for keeping you waiting. 😉

• Now that I have reached 200 likes, now my next goal is 300.

Annnd, that’s it!

Thanks for reading,


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