Magical Monday #9

(This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are mine)

I’m writing this at night and I have just remembered to write it, or else it will be another Tuesday post. 😜

Today’s post is…

The Land of Stories!

This is a series, and I think there’s a sixth book…

I am talking about the first book, The Wishing Spell. It’s about two twins, Alex and Conner Bailey. The prologue is Snow White going into her castle dungeon to see someone.

When Alex and Conner’s grandmother visits them for their birthday, she gives Alex her old storybook, the Land of Stories.

That night, the storybook began to glow and buzz. Alex tried what she could to hide it from her brother, but he ultimately finds out one day in school.

When they get home, they decided to try out the storybook since when they were at school ( or at home, I forgot), a bird flew out. Alex puts her foot in and the book sucks her in, along with Conner.

Will they ever get out? Or will they stay trapped in the Land of Stories, forever?

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