Magical Monday #8

Hey everyone! This is a late post ( like most of the times) and I’m very sorry about that. Maybe I should just re-name it to Magical Tuesday.

Anyways, today’s book is…

Escape From Mr Lemoncello’s Library!

This book is about books and gaming (yes, I know a book about books, but ‘escape from Mr Lemoncello’s library).

It is about a boy, Kyle Keeley, and he is a massive gaming fan. Of Mr Lemoncello’s games. When he found out that the prize for the essay contest at school is an invitation for a lock-in in the town’s new library. And it is made by Mr Lemoncello, hence the title.

When his teacher asks for his essay, Kyle just scribbled a single line on a piece of paper. And he handed that in. After that class, he worked on another essay and after school ( I think), he hands it in to his teacher, but she doesn’t accept it.

Wonder if Kyle gets an invitation? You just have to read the book!

Thanks for reading,


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