A few words about school

Yes, I know what all of you are thinking: She’s crazy!
But it’s true right? So I would appreciate it if you would just stop and read this. But it’s okay if you don’t.

So here’s what I got to say:

Everyone thinks school is the worst creation that mankind ever made (Maybe?). But there are memories that you forgotten was made in school. Be it elementary, middle or high school or even college, there are memories.

Like when you made your friends. Yes, you do have friends outside of school, but most of them are made in school right?

And everyone remembers that time when someone stands up to the teacher and everyone in class laughs.

So even though that you hate school, stop to think about these mermories. The memories that cannot be replaced. That time when your school bully got detention(if it happens) and everyone laughs. The times when the popular girl (s)got a bad grade( again, if it happens).

I go back to school about next week, so I’m looking forward to seeing my friends. And I know most of you go back to school in September. But I hope that most of you are looking forward to go back to school to see your friends. Even though you can text, call or meet them at their house. But your friends may sometimes go on vacation so you can see them when School starts.

I know that some of you may disagree, but this post is just something hovering in my mind that I decided to blog about.

Thanks for reading,


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