Magical Monday #7

(This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are mine)

The book today is…

Girl Online!

I’m talking about the first book, and I just finished it today and I loved it.

This is about a girl, Penny Porter, who blogs on the sly. The first chapter is her first blog; a post a year before the story starts.

When she helped out at her parents’ store, she meets an American couple who wants to be married before Christmas. In New York.

Just to make this clear, Penny lives in Brighton, England( or London? I think they’re the same…).

Anyways, Penny meets a boy Noah, who was ‘pretending’ to be the wedding musician.

I think I just jammed the first few chapters together, but what I can tell you is that they bothhave secrets.

Wanna find out more? You just have to read the book!

(P.S I know the image still shows the old URL, but I’m just too lazy to change it 😜)

Thanks for reading,


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