10 Facts About Me

Here are some facts about me!

1. I live in Singapore.

2. I can play the piano

3. I am not flexible at all. I can’t even do a split without my legs hurting

4. Most of the blog posts I post are on either my  iPad or phone

5. I am obsessed with Taylor Swift’s music. I can’t go a day without humming one of her songs.

6. My favourite food is pizza. Any type of pizza and I’ll eat it it.

7. I am currently reading Mockingjay. (Does that count as a fact?)

8. I like to wear shorts more than dresses

9. I stink at Math, I usually get a 82 or maybe lower.

10. When I handle any snow globe, it’s either I accidentally drop them or something bumps into me and I drop them. This doesn’t happen every time, just occasionally.

Maybe I’ll post another part next month!

Thanks for reading,


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