Magical Monday #6

So sorry for making this late. Anyways, today’s book is…

The Frog Princess!

This is not the classic fairytale, but it is by E.D Baker. It is a series, but I’m talking about the first book today. It’s called the Frog Princess.

I have always been a sucker for fairytales, and when I saw this at the library, I just grabbed all the books I could see in the series without reading the back.

This book is awesome. The Frog Princess is about a princess, Esmeralda, or Emma for short. She hopes to be a witch like her aunt Grassina, but she isn’t the normal princess. Most princesses’ laughs are like bells, but Emma’s is like bray of a donkey.

And when her mother wants her to meet a prince, she escapes to the swamp. There, Emma meets a talking frog, which says that he is under a spell that transforms him from a prince to a Frog. Emma reluctantly kisses him, but she becomes a frog instead.

Wanna find out more? You just have to read the book!

(This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts of this book are mine)

Thanks for reading,


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