A few blogging tips

I have seen a lot of these posts recently, and I decided to give it a shot!

1. Stick to your plan

If your blog is about photography, but then you go write a post that’s about, I don’t know, books, then that doesn’t make sense. A lot of the blogs I see and follow are lifestyle, writing or cooking blogs.

2. Be kind

You may see this pop up a lot, but it’s true. A few tips for being kind is that when someone follows you, try to check out their blog. I mean, they follow you for a reason right? Also, when someone comments, always always reply.

3. Post frequently

It can be once a week, once a day or even a few times a month. But no reader wants to read a blog that’s inactive. My goal is 3 posts a day, not counting the daily quotes.

4. Post pictures

Pictures are there to jazz up the post and add a bit of color. Even if it’s taken by your mobile phone, phones are also cameras! Or, if you want to skip the photo taking, you can also create your own featured images online. I love to use Canva, just that I’m sometimes too lazy to open it up. My blog logo is made using Canva.


What are some of your blogging tips? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,


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