Wonder Woman Review

I saw this movie yesterday and it was just amazing. There might be some spoilers so watch out.

I do not own the rights to this image

It first comes out as modern day Paris( I think?) . And if you look closely, there is a vehicle with the logo ‘Wayne’ something( I forgot). A clear sign that is Batman. Because Bruce Wayne. Wayne.

Then, after that, it shows a woman receiving a photo. Then they tell the story of Wonder Woman.

It starts out introducing Diana running from her Mother to look at training. She lives on Themyscira, an island full of Amazonian warriors. And those warriors are all girls. This is when I fight the urge to yell ‘Girl power’. Hilarious, I know. 😜

After a few minutes or so, Diana’s mother tells her the story of how Themyscira and the Amazonians was created. By Zeus. The movie also has a bit of mythology in it.

And after that, it shows teenage( I think) Diana training with her Aunt Antiope. (Pronounced Anti-o-pe)

And later, it shows another training scene where Diana deflects one of her aunt’s blows with her power cuffs( or somewhere along those lines).

A picture of Diana with her power cuffs
(I do not own the rights to this image)

After that, she goes to the shore and sees a plane crash. She dives into the ocean to save the pilot, which turned out to be Steve Trevor.

Aaand that’s all I can say without  giving more spoilers.

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