May Accomplishments + June To-Do List

This is a bit early, but never mind. And from now, my to-do lists will be divided into 2(one for my personal stuff and for blogging). And now, let’s proceed!

View my May To-Do List here.


✔️= Done
🌸= Almost done

May Accomplishments:


✔️Buy pens, I bought 3 Pilot pens which were black, blue and red

✔️Train to run 1.6 km. I did it in 10 minutes 27 seconds, I didn’t even know that I got that fast! I just jogged the entire thing, and I got 5th place in my class?!

✔️Finish reading Hollow City. This book is amazing, with a bit of surprises.

✔️ Finish all homework and hand in the next day.

🌸 Clear my desk. I just have a few more pens to arrange and a few books to throw into the cupboard.

✔️Re-read all Harry Potter books. I am a huge fan of HP, and this is probably the third time I have re-read the series.


• I reached more than 10 followers! That is more than what I thought I would get when I first started this blog.

• I published 64 posts in TWO months. It has to be all the daily quotes I post, but hey, that’s an accomplishment right?

And now for my June To-Do List:


• Decide whether to participate in school talent show. I like to perform, but I have a bit of stage fright.

• Try to find recipes and after making them, post them here to share it here with all of you wonderful readers. It also counts as a blog goal, but I’ll just count it as both.

• Try to clear desk, completely.

• Binge watch every single Harry Potter movie. Gosh, I just love HP.


• Reach 30 followers, I have 17 now, and I want to give a shoutout to all the people who have followed me, thanks so much!

• Try to reach up to 100 likes, I have 86 now.

• And of course, post every day. It’s my school holiday now, so I should at least try to post every single day.

And that’s my May Accomplishments and June To-Do List!

Thanks for reading,


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