Magical Monday #4

The book that I will be sharing today is…

The Hunger Games!

I am completely obsessed with The Hunger Games right now, even though I just read it a week ago.

Hunger Games( the first book) is about well, the Hunger Games. The Games are held annually, and every district ( from 1-12) has to send a boy and a girl to the Capitol to battle to the death.

Katniss Everdeen is a girl who  has amazing hunting and archery skills. So when her sister, Prim( short for Primrose) get chosen( it’s like bingo, there’s pieces of paper and then they just randomly pick out a piece) for the Games. Katniss volunteers herself to take Prim’s place.

That’s all I can say about the book, but I just guess that you just need to read the book to find out about the Hunger Games and the Girl On Fire.

Thanks, for reading,


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