(Late) Magical Monday #2!

So my small break for blogging has ended, and I got 2 of my test papers back! One was not so good (86/100) and the other one I topped my class.

Anyways, enough talk of exams, let’s go to the next Magical Monday!

The book that I will be sharing today is…

The Girl Who Could Fly!

Few people know this book, and I too didn’t know about it until I saw my classmates reading it. So, today, I went to the library and borrowed that book, followed by the sequel( The Boy Who Knew Everything).

The Girl Who Could Fly is about well, a girl who can fly( Piper Mcloud). I personally think that Piper is awesome, and I think I’m a little like her(except that I can’t fly, although I wish I can). The book is about her, Conrad( Read the book and you’ll find out who he is) and her friends escaping their ‘school’. It’s called I.N.S.A.N.E, and they don’t even know what the name of the building is when they got there.

I definitely recommend it for all of you, and I’m currently reading the sequel.

Thanks for reading,


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