My May Playlist

My May Playlist!

1. Fight Song by Rachel Platten

I just love this song, and apparently my class does too. How do I know that? Well, all my classmates sang along when my our teacher played it.

I always listen to it when I feel down, and I really recommend it.

2.  How Far I’ll Go by Alessia Cara

Although the movie came out a year ago, I still love this song, although I prefer the Alessia Cara version to the movie version. Sorry, Moana fans.

3. People Like Us by Kelly Clarkson

Yet another favorite song of mine, it’s just simply amazing. It’s about how we overcome our differences, or something like that, I think.

4. One Call Away by Charlie Puth 

I originally saw this song on the Nickelodeon show School of Rock(ever heard of that?) and I fell in love with it.

That’s it with my May playlist and this will come out every month so keep a look out for the next one!

Let me know in the comments if you have ever heard of these songs and your favorite songs!



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