May To-Do List

I’m very sorry if this is late ’cause May begun a few days ago, but I had to study for an exam.

My May To-Do list!

1. Finish reading Hollow City( That’s a book I’m reading now. It’s in the Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children series)

2. Finish all homework and hand in the next day( I don’t know if this counts on a to-do list but I think it does…)

3. Clear my desk( Haha, this has to be on every month’s to-do list ’cause my desk is just very messy)

4. Buy new pens( I always go through pens every month. It’s either I forget to cap them or I just use a lot. My favorite brand is Pilot)

5. Train to run 1km and 600 m( It’s for a test)

6. Reread all Harry Potter books( I’m now reading Chamber of Secrets)

And that’s my May To-Do list! Another post will come up at the end of the month for all the things I have done.

Thanks for reading,


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