Magical Monday #20, because I haven’t done one in a looong time

Hello everyone! Yeah, I know I haven’t been posting for the last few weeks ( month maybe?) because of my exams, so the time I can be on my computer is very short.

But, I have 60 followers now!


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Yeah, so I have not done Magical Monday for a very long time, and so since today is Monday, why not do it?

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So today’s book will be…


I finished this in two days, and let’s just say I loved it. I’ve always been a fan of superheroes, especially DC Comics and Marvel.

Warbringer is about Wonder Woman, and if you have seen the movie, it’s in the 1990s ( or 1980s?) but this is modern day New York.

Diana is an Amazon living on Themyscira, an island where all female battle-proven warriors go after they fall in battle. Everyone on that island is battle-proven, except Diana. She is made from her mother’s own hands, and blessed by the gods.

Diana ditches the chance to win a race and prove herself to her sisters to save a mortal, Alia Keralis. When Alia is on the island, three Amazons fall sick, and earthquakes happen on the island. And the worst thing is, Alia is the cause of it.

What she didn’t know was that she was a Warbringer, a descendant of Helen of Troy,   cursed to spread mayhem wherever she goes. And when the sun sets on Hekatombaion, her powers will reach its full potential, unleashing war on the world.

Okay, so I’m not exaggerating when I love it, but it is so well written and funny at the same time!

Once again, so Super sorry for not posting, and have a good day!


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Magical Monday #19

Hello everyone! I’m sorry that I have not posted for the past few days, but I have been super busy ( now that I think about it, that’s not a good excuse) the past few days.

But now, I have time to post and since I missed Magical Monday yesterday, why not do it on Tuesday… again? 😝

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Today’s book will be…

The Diamond of Drury Lane!

Now, I really love this book because (a) It’s set in London, and I love London and (b) the heroine is a girl and GIRL POWER.

It’s not set in modern day London, it’s set in 1790, and the heroine is Catherine “Cat” Royal, she lives in the Theatre Royal, hence her last name. She’s an orphan, and if it wasn’t for Mr Sheridan, the owner, she would had froze to death on the sidewalk.

After a disastrous play at the theatre, Cat followed Mr Sheridan and overheard his conversation with Marchmont about a diamond hidden in the theatre.

She befriends a new violinist at the theatre, a former African slave, Pedro. On the night of another play, she meets the Duke of Avon, and his children Lord Francis and Lady Elizabeth. Pedro arranges a meeting with them, showcasing Cat’s writing and his musical talents.

Cat brings Lord Francis and Pedro to Syd’s boxing match, also known as the ‘Bow Street Butcher’, mainly because he’s a butcher at the market.

And when a slip of the tongue reveals the secret of the diamond to Pedro, will he keep the secret? Or will he try to find the diamond, and pawn it?

The diamond will surprise you, believe me!

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Magical Monday #18

Hello everyone! I am back with Magical Monday, and I know that some of you are angry at me (particularly the bookworms) for not doing Magical Monday last week. But I hope that all of you will forgive me but I was really busy last week. ( thanks for forgiving me, if you choose to) Oh, and by the way, I made another cover image, ( think that’s what’s it’s called?) featuring my very own books!

(This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are mine)

Today’s book will be….

School for Good and Evil!

This book is about Sophie and Agatha, two different girls different in every possible way, but somehow, they’re best friends. The fourth book is coming out on nineteenth September, so I’m marking my calendar for that date. I’ve searched every website, but somehow, I can’t pre-order the book or pre-order the signed edition because they do not deliver to Singapore, so on that day, or the day after that, I’m hitting my local bookstores to see if they have the stock yet.

But getting back on topic, in their village, every 4 years, the School Master comes to Gavaldon and kidnaps two children, one Good and one evil, both for both schools. The schools train children to become heroes and be the evil lest villain. In fairytales. Of course, you would think that Sophie got into good and Agatha got into Evil right? Well, think again, it’s actually the other way round.

But the thing is, the children kidnapped by the School Master never came back.

What do you think? Would Sophie and Agatha get out of the fairytale world? Or would they remain trapped there, forever?


Do you like my new sign off? 😜

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